HTTPS Security and Testing :: $0.99 USD

Load this demo securely using SSL Encryption. Your pagedemo URL stays about the same, but with https:// instead of http://. This stops hackers, governments, and ISPs, and man-in-the-middle attacks. Note that the demo will still be available under plain HTTP: this makes HTTPS an option in addition to the standard.

Clone and Freeze Embed w/o worry :: $0.99 USD

Makes further edits impossible to prevent accidental edits, defacing, or sabotage. Great for embedded examples in documentation, portfolios, lessons, etc. To keep anyone from freezing other's work, we first create a brand-new demo ID, clone the content into it, then freeze it, allowing you to use the new URL to display but not edit.

Storage More demo space :: $0.99 USD

Move up from 100kb of content and 1mb of assets to 1,000kb of content and 10mb of attachments per upgrade (up to 5).
Current limit: 100kb content, 1mb attached (default)

Off-line Mode View the demo w/o net :: $0.99 USD

Uses a custom HTML5 manifest to make your HTML demo and it's document-linked external resources available offline Once visited, your demo will be memorized by supporting browsers, allowing return visits in airplane mode (without network access). Available on the output and embed views.

Clone and Vanitize Readable Custom URL :: $0.99 USD

Makes the demo available at a more humanized and customized URL. To keep anyone from locking out other's work, we clone this demo and apply the content to a new demo ID.

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Multi-PacksSave Time and Money

Buy several upgrade credits with one outside payment, allowing you to apply them instantly while saving you money. These credits can be applied to any of the above upgrades, and each credit can be used in place of the $0.99 USD one-time payment charge.
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